Announcing GR SNAPS Vol.10 Selections!

2021.09.27 BLOG

Thank you for waiting for so long! This is to announce the selections of GR SNAPS Vol.10 "Morning".

This time, we received about 400 entries together on Instagram and Twitter!
Thank you very much.

When we announced the theme, we wondered if "morning" was a little too difficult, but we had a variety of entries with diverse interpretations of "morning".

As always, the level was high. We had a good time discussing which ones to choose, which reminded us that photographs make you feel happy just by looking at them.

Thank you for your entries!

Here are the selected 5 works.

Extremely quiet morning. You can almost hear the sound of casting (throwing) the thread. The gradation of the fog, the shadow of the water surface, and the composition are outstanding.

Such strong vitality can be felt in the small body claiming its existence at the beginning of the day. For chicks, "morning" must mean the beginning of life.

The soft shadows overwhelmed by the overflowing light are impressive. The slightly cool finish is helping you feel the clear atmosphere of the morning.

The soft light that makes you feel it's the morning as well as the movement of the curtain by the incoming wind that include both movement and stillness catch your eye. It's the beginning of the day to let some fresh air in.

The spreading morning air upon sunrise and the back of a contemplative dog are impressive.

Continue posting your photos with “#grsnaps” even after the entry period. We regram our favorite photos daily on RICOH GR official's Instagram account!

Don't forget to add “#grsnaps” tag when posting your GR work on Twitter too.

We also look forward to seeing your GR IIIx work.

Until next time, stay tuned!

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