The Theme of GR SNAPS Vol.10 is “Morning”

2021.07.24 BLOG

It's time for another GR SNAPS! It's been a while since the last time.

The theme of GR SNAPS Vol.10 is "Morning".

We often hear the words "morning routine" nowadays. How you spend the morning changes your day.

The early morning, when there are still few people around, is refreshing and makes you feel like you are in a special place.
The sea, forest, park, town, cafe, and your home in the early morning- each place has its morning scenery.

This time, we would like you to submit your "Morning" photographs!

***** GR SNAPS Vol.10 Summary *****

· Application Period: July 24 (Fri) to August 8 (Sun), 2021

· Theme: "Morning"

· How to Apply: Post on your Instagram or Twitter account.
Post your image with the following two hashtags on your Instagram or Twitter account.
#grsnaps10 #grsnaps

· Announcement of Selection: The writers will select 5 works after consultation and announce it in late August here on GR official

· Others
- Please Post on Twitter or Instagram.
- Selected works will be used in the main visuals etc. of this site.
- For other terms and precautions when posting, please check the SNAPS planning terms in this site ABOUT (around the center).

Looking forward to your posts. Thank you!

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