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This site is operated by volunteers from Ricoh Co., Ltd. and affiliate groups for the purpose of sending and exchanging various information on the digital camera RICOH GR.

Established in April 2018

About Writers

※ Note that the avatars are more beautifully illustrated than their real selves.

Writer 01


One of the original members since the start of the GR BLOG. A manager of finance. Loves machines including cameras. Photo lover and street snap shooter.

Writer 02


Also one of the original members of the GR BLOG. Belongs to the advertisement and public relations department. An active woman who loves surfing and belly dancing on holidays.

Writer 03


An artificial intelligence engineer. A father of two children who loves nature, flowers, insects, cats and other living things.

Writer 04


A mother of two children who loves Bali and charms others with her hoarse voice. Frequently flies around the world on business.

Writer 05


Loves starry sky photography and sometimes writes articles in astronomy magazines. A former software engineer and a present product planner.

Writer 06


Responsible for product planning from compact cameras to single lens reflexes. Mild and discreet outside but quite hot inside.

Writer 07


Enjoys walking, running, bicycling, and drinking on holidays. With much gray hair, sometimes seen at +10 years of age than real.

Writer 08


A photo lover. Photography is part of his life. He photographs special moments in everyday life with the GR. An eternally junior employee.

Writer 09


Loves the vibes of live music and live performance. Plays percussion himself. "A designer who can't sing or dance but can play music"

Guest Writer


A professional photographer, music producer, and GRist, who loves coffee, meditation, and bicycle ride. Cooks every day for his family.

Writer 10

NOGUCHI(Retired in July 2019)

GR official founder. A romanticist who loves traveling, hot springs, books, stationery, bags, beer, and of course photography and cameras. Retired from Ricoh in July 2019 and retired from the operation of this site.


(No name yet)

Has not yet written any articles but I works hard to support events etc. Debut time undecided.



An advertisement and public relations professional who loves Japanese rock, birds, traveling, eating and drinking. Needs to charge energy in nature sometimes.

Terms of SNAPS Project

The terms of the SNAPS Project (photo contest) held irregularly within this site are as below.

Terms on SNAPS (Photo Contest)

This contest will be implemented based on the following terms. At the stage of application, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the following conditions.

  • ( 1 )Submissions to the Contest are limited to those photographed by the applicant using the GR series, the GR DIGITAL series, and the GXR (with the GR lens).
  • ( 2 )If the applicant is under the age of 20, the works are deemed to have been submitted with the consent of the parents.
  • ( 3 )In case of winning, the applicant shall be requested to provide Ricoh Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") with data of the winning work (the copy of original data with Exif information remaining).
  • ( 4 )The copyright of the prize-winning work belongs to the photographer, but the Company does not require permission from the holder of the rights and has the secondary right to freely use it for public related and sales promotion activities of Ricoh Group companies and distributors (including overseas). In addition, the photographer shall not exercise the moral rights of the author with respect to the submitted work.
  • ( 5 )In case the work includes rights to third parties other than the applicant (copyrighted work, etc.), submission after appropriately processing rights is required. We assure that it does not infringe the rights of third parties such as portrait rights, copyrights, design rights.
  • ( 6 )If we judge that there is a possibility of infringing the rights of third parties such as portrait right, copyright, design right, etc., or of including inappropriate content that may be contrary to public order and morals, we may not post the work or delete the post for the above reasons.
  • ( 7 )In regard to the submitted work, in the event of injunctions, claims for damages, complaints, etc. from third parties, it is the applicant’s responsibility and cost to settle it.
  • ( 8 )Please be forewarned that we may terminate, cancel, or change the content of this Contest, in whole or in part, without prior notice or for any reason.
  • ( 9 )Personal information obtained through this contest is used for presentation of selected work, notification of the selection, etc. We do not disclose nor provide personal information to third parties without the applicant’s permission.

Established in April 2018

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