Making Use of Silhouette (ARA)

2020.10.13 BLOG

(translated from the original post on July 10, 2020)

Hello, this is ARA.

Looking back at my past image data during the Stay Home period, I realized that many of my photographs have a composition in which a person crosses the frame.

GR III, Pmode, 1 / 320s, F4.5, ISO1600.
In the cold light rain, in front of Christie's in Manhattan. Trimmed.

The silhouette of a person can draw the viewer's attention by itself. Especially in street snapshots, it can be an accent to give a feeling of life and warmth to the image, which tends to be inorganic without it.

Perhaps because of that, the number of photos where I decide on the location and release the shutter when a person comes into frame has increased naturally (it's also related to this article I posted earlier) .

GR II, Pmode, 1 / 350s, F5.6, ISO100
The river you see in the back is the Rhine (Germany). In addition to bicycles, there are many people walking and jogging along the river, making it a great shooting point.

Not to mention Henri Cartier-Bresson, there are many photographers around the globe who create appealing works by effectively placing persons in the frame.

Saul Leiter is also a master of snapshots who treats people as components of the image. He uses hats, umbrellas, and frosted glasses to hide part of the individual, which amazes the viewer in a mysterious manner.

GR III, Pmode, 1 / 250s, F4.5, ISO200
On a rare day when it snowed in the Tokyo area, in my neighborhood. It happened just when I was hoping someone would show up with a red umbrella.

Craig Reilly is one of the contemporary street photographers you should follow. He skillfully incorporates silhouettes of people. How he composes, uses colors, light and shadow- they are fascinating.

And finally, a little notice.
There was a talk between Samuel Lintaro Hopf and myself on the YouTube Channel of Ricoh Imaging Europe (in English). If you are interested, please take a look.


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