【GRist】Vol.41 Kenji Takazawa

2020.10.16 BLOG

The 41st GRist is Photo Critic Kenji Takazawa!

As a photo critic, Mr. Takazawa appears in various media including photography magazines as well as online livestreams, and is currently a lecturer at university and his workshop. I can't wait to see his next exhibition, where he pursues new photographic expressions.

Please also see the interview on the previous GR BLOG.


Turn Everything into Photograph
Kenji Takazawa

The camera has changed from film to digital, and instead of taking memos, we now photograph everything. GR is both the best camera and pen for me. Some may say smartphones are better for taking memos, but just as there are pens I feel good when using them, it is important that I feel good about the camera when using it. Smartphones are not suitable for taking photos because they are telephones or small computers after all. Easy to hold, easy to press buttons physically, no shutter time lag- those are the reasons why I can't let go of GR.

The photos posted are from “Hi shashinka 3.0 koboreta mizu o koppu ni modosu (Non-Photographer 3.0: Returning Spilled Water to the Glass)”. I copied and displayed my own photo exhibition, and then copied and displayed it again. The copy was done with the GR III, which turns everything into a photo at high quality.

Born in Gunma prefecture in 1968, Kenji Takazawa is a photo critic and writer. After graduating from Waseda University Faculty of Literature and working as a company employee, he has been freelance since 1997. He contributes critiques and interviews to newspapers and magazines. Supervised the Japanese version on Val Williams's “Study of PHOTO” and co-authored “Chohatsu suru shashinshi (Provocative Photo History)” with Osamu Kanemura (Heibonsha). He has curated and written commentary for Kanendo Watanabe's photobook “Déjà vu” (Tokyo College of Photography Publishing Bureau, AG+ Gallery), Shozaburo Ishida's photobook “Radiation Buscape” (IG Photo Gallery), etc. Lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University. Director of IG Photo Gallery.
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