3 Reasons Why I Carry GR III at All Time (Robert)

2020.10.20 BLOG

When I go out, I have my GR III in my backpack or in my pocket all the time. Sometimes I forget to have it when I’m in the neighbourhood, and I regret not having it because I often come across things I want to photograph with a good camera, not with a smartphone.

Here are three reasons why I want to carry my GR all the time.

1. Portability
As I ride my bicycle very often, even when I go to work, it is important for me that the camera fits in my bag or in the pocket and can be used with one hand so that whenever I encounter something, I can easily pick it up and take a photo with the other hand holding on to the handle. The size matters.

2. Image Quality
I don’t want to compromise on a smartphone for image quality, because, although it can take quality pictures nowadays, I rely on RAW files to be developed afterwards. Plus, the sensor size makes a huge difference.

3. Versatility
In “GR Concept Movie,” they say “versatile smarties are boring.” However, I think the GR III is very versatile (in a different sense, it’s not boring at all). It can handle snapshot, landscape, portrait, product image etc. As a matter of fact, I often use my GR III for commercial work and I’m satisfied with the result.

Well, those are my three reasons. How about you? Why do you use the GR?

But above all, I love the concept behind it. I hope the RICOH staff will continue to evolve and challenge something new, as they declare in the concept movie.


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