Announcing GR SNAPS Vol. 7 Selections!

2019.12.22 BLOG

Here is the result of GR SNAPS Vol. 7.

For the first time in half a year and as the last SNAPS of the year, we had another one under the theme “2019.” Thankfully, we received approximately 2000 entries from around the world! Thank you always so much!

As announced at the time of entry, the selected works will be exhibited at “GR Bar” as well as being shared on the site. Please come and see them if you can.
The printed works look different from what you see on screen.

Please take a look at the selected works. This time, we have selected- a little more than usual- 10 works. Congratulations to all of you!

★ christian.cross
The extreme contrast between light and dark, the directions and expressions of the two faces exposed to the light, and the superb composition that seems to be random- all of these make you think what exactly is going on in the situation and naturally get attracted. If you look closely, you will notice it is a daily image of a father with a stroller. It is wonderful the photographer has turned it into something as attractive.

★ snowman8920
Imagine the flock of birds flying above, the photographer right on the spot with a GR and being able to capture it- all of these happening at the same time- there is something romantic about it. You don’t get bored just looking at it for a long time.

★ ricoh.suarez
This one is Minew’s most favorite! I was fascinated. Perhaps the photographer instantaneously took it. His/her ability to make the most of the moment (one chance) is amazing.

★ set_953
What are the two cats looking at in the midst of sunset? On the other hand, I felt some warmth in their round figures. You can probably tell your current emotions by looking at this work.

★ ruimiguelcunha
Why is this person standing on the table- you will have a big question mark in your head when you see it. The depiction of the surrounding people, such as the expression of child with an open mouth, is also wonderful. It derives from the photographer’s sense of capturing moments and the GR’s mobility.

★ rueic__
A horizontal line across the center of the image and the two people sitting on a bench. Although it is a picture of a peaceful scenery, there is also a somewhat disturbing atmosphere. It may be the HDR effect that makes you feel that way.

★ aerhan_photography
You don’t instantly know what exactly is in the image but you get mixed feelings of "strength, painfulness, and neatness" that you can’t get your eyes off of. Cool shot!

★ cain_shimizu
Is it fog? The bad weather and the fogged glass are effectively used. The structure and color of the nostalgic buildings are nicely blended into the shade of white veil. Even though it is a color image, it looks like black and white. A soft image with a solid line. Black in white. The more you see it, the more you begin to have opposite feelings from the ones you had first.

★ gerro_photography
At a glance it makes you think it’s a multiple exposure, but it is the reflection that makes you think so in a very exquisite way. A unique viewpoint in the crowded subway (right?). Excellent snap shot.

★ pori_05
A very cute cat. Such an adorable image from this angle is a proof that the photographer (the owner) loves the cat. That beautiful light makes the cat's beautiful fur stand out, too.

Continue posting your photos with "#grsnaps" even after GR SNAPS entry period.
We regram our favorite photos daily on RICOH GR Official Instagram account!

Your suggestions on future themes will be appreciated, too.

Thank you for joining us this time.
Until next time!

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