Announcing GR SNAPS Vol. 6 Selections!

2019.05.24 BLOG

Here is the result of GR SNAPS Vol. 6.
In commemoration of the first anniversary of GR official, each writer (except Robert) has specially selected a work.
We received as many as more than 2,300 applications from all over the world and they were all good. Maybe because many professionals participated, the overall level was higher. We worried we would take time to select but our screening process was unexpectedly smooth.
So without further ado, here are the selections.

1. rincom 1991 selected by Noguchi
In a contrast with impact, there are the black face on the man's back and the shadow of the hand. Shockingly excellent. It could be used in our poster as it is.

2. fotorohsh selected by Machuko@
For me who love live music, it's an irresistible piece! I can get the feeling when the play is over. So cool!

3. t_px7's Flipnote selected by ARA
People waiting for the traffic light and the crosswalk behind it- they are next to each other but they appear that they belong to different worlds. The red color of the car is effective.



@ t_px7がシェアした投稿 -

4. iampontheroad selected by Minew
A huge golden Buddha, a man in silhouette, and sparkling sunglasses. I was strongly attracted by the exquisite space composition and contrast.


Day 71: Big Buddha Temple, Koh Samui, Thailand

Pontheroadさん(@iampontheroad)がシェアした投稿 -

5. tomashhara selected by KA-TSU
I can see both the moment when the photographer goes "I saw it!" and the situation where the two people are happy together.

6. shin_ono selected by KYO
A traditionally charming maiko girl is exquisitely woven in today’s Kyoto; people, signboards, subway station etc. in the background.

7. jojiusi selected by Ninzaburo
On the one hand, I’m charmed by such a nice photo! and on the other hand, it makes me wonder "Is it coincident or deliberate?" and imagine how it was taken.

8. hiroaki_jitsuiki7 selected by Emi
Bright and gentle colors and the appropriate focus naturally draw attention to the girl running up the stairs. I could keep on seeing it forever.


#grsnaps06 #grsnaps

Hiroaki Jitsuikiさん(@hiroaki_jitsuiki)がシェアした投稿 -

9. takahashi_naoya_candid7 selected by Yuka
Superb compo and capture. Just simply cool!

10. studiogoonie selected by Apprentice
Literally the moment itself! I can imagine the feeling and facial expression of the child playing on the beach and feel happy about it.

If your work has been selected, we will send you a DM via Twitter or Instagram to ask for your mailing address to deliver the gift. Please reply upon receipt
(Please reply within one week).

The gift from us is the GR original cap by the popular sports cap brand NEW ERA. Which do you like peeling off the sticker or keeping it on?

How did you like the selection?
We have had six GR snaps so far. It would be great to exhibit the selected works all together at a gallery or somewhere. Does anybody know about a good photo cafe or something?

We appreciate your posts.
Continue posting your photos with "#grsnaps" even outside GR SNAPS entry period.
We regram your excellent photos daily on RICOH GR Official Instagram account!

Thank you!

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