Announcing GR SNAPS Vol.4 Selections!

2018.12.21 BLOG

It is the announcement of GR SNAPS Vol.4 selections.
This time it was different from usual- we had a special judge Shinya Takahashi and, to our surprise, had as many as 2,500 submissions.
Thank you for posting and participating.
See Mr. Takahashi’s comments on each selection and summary.

The following five works have been selected.

1. by moellaphotography
The growing shadow of the person walking ahead and the smoke of cigarette from the man in front create some kind of story in daily life. The colors are good as well.

2. by mekachan26
A natural snapshot of a moment in daily life. Lovely. This inspires you to photograph not only street but also everyday life of people around you by using strengths of the GR.

3. by gde30wai
Whether it’s this man's sorrow or growth ring, there is so much vibe in it. I love it only because of that. Applause to the skill to instantly capture the moment.

4. by monochrom_t.matsunaga
Nice snapshot. Natural and good composition. Comfortable distance makes you feel good to look at it.

5. by
I have no clue whether they are playing or the child is being scolded. The child with bobbed hair against the wall. The facial expression is great too. An attractive piece of snapshot to capture the moment.

Although there were more than 2,500 posts this time, it was not hard to decide. I was hoping to choose more color works in the beginning but ended up choosing 3 black and white and 2 color. The GR has been the ultimate snap shooter and for some reason I had the impression that advanced people tend to shoot in black and white. I encourage you to shoot more in color. Being cool is not the only way of snap shooting.
The GR is the best tool to snap shoot for all generations and genders. Please do enjoy your photo life with it.

◆ Work by Shinya Takahashi


Thank you for many submissions this time as well.

Ms. Takahashi, thank you very much for taking your precious time to judge!
Please continue posting your photos with "#grsnaps" even if it is not GR SNAPS entry period.
Excellent photos will be regrammed daily on GR Official Instagram account!

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