【GRist】Vol.12 William Hereford

2018.12.14 BLOG

The GRist in December is William Hereford in Brooklyn, New York. Take a look at his street photos with his unique colors.
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William Hereford is an award winning travel and fashion photographer. His editorial & commercial campaigns have taken him across the globe creating fashion and travel content for the industry's leading brands. His clients include Woolrich, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Vineyard Vines, Lands End, Travel & Leisure, Le Creuset, Bonobos, Saveur, & Gant Rugger amongst others. William is a recipient of the American Photography Awards, the APA, & the IACP Awards. His studio is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Why the GRII:
I first fell in love with Ricoh when the GXR debuted because of a long term relationship with Leica and more specifically Leica lenses. I am on a constant search for the perfect side arm- a camera that fits into my pocket but has the ability to create professional grade images. Because a huge part of my client base is in the travel industry I could encounter a moment worthy of my portfolio at any time.
I have worked with GRI and GRII and in particular love theses cameras for their dynamic range and color profiles. I'm also a fan of a fixed focal length for compact cameras because I believe it simplifies the shooting process. I find the GRII in particular renders skin tones famously and the files can stand up to heavy color correction without falling the pieces. The on camera flash creates a lot of versatility as well and lastly, I think the camera is beautiful.



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