Announcing GR SNAPS Vol.3 Selections!

2018.11.02 BLOG

Announcing GR SNAPS Vol.3 Selections!
We received a lot of submittion, as well.

“If photography is to capture the light, to capture the sky is like a “practice swing” for photographers” by Mr. Ichigo Sugahara, GR meet Osaka.

By looking at your pictures, I felt once again that “sky” is a subject which is specific but yet a theme with endless variations.

It was hard to decide which image to select, but we chose photos with gives strong impression of “sky”.

The five selected works are as follows.

1. by _aldarin_
Simple framing as if the duck is swimming through the blue sky which is reflected on the surface of the water. A photo with a good feeling.

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Swimming in the sky #ricohgr #grsnaps03 #grsnaps

Aldarinさん(@_aldarin_)がシェアした投稿 -

2. by jvcr1
The photo is so dramatic and dynamic. Impressive piece, with the contrast of sky and cloud, spliting the frame into half.

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#grsnaps #grsnaps03

@ jvcr1がシェアした投稿 -

3. by kazuteru.boe.horiguchi
A bit scary and spooky. A piece which I cannot resist seeing over and over. White and black gives a good effect. This photo cannot be captured without carring the camera all the time.

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#grsnaps03 #grsnaps #sora #ソラ #空 #streetsnap #birds #kouchi #grdigital3 #ricohgr

Kazuteru Boe Horiguchiさん(@kazuteru.boe.horiguchi)がシェアした投稿 -

4. by nnezou
The mood which a mysterious flower approaches along with a dark cloud behind it. A bit thrilled. Such sky is also attractive.

5. by gamo72_osaka
As the sky in the background is overexposed in a good way, the sky reflected on the building is higly standing out. Superb piece which the aim is minimal and straigt.

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#grsnaps03 #grsnaps

gamo72-instagramさん(@gamo72_osaka)がシェアした投稿 -

Thank you for posting many photos.
Please continue to post with the tag "#grsnaps" even when it’s not GR SNAPS entry period.
We will regram our favorite ones on the GR official Instagram account!

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