【GRist】In November- ANN Feifei from Beijing, China

2018.11.09 BLOG

Let us introduce a photographer with a big GR love, who gave us wonderful photo presentation and talk at the GR fan event in China.

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ANN Feifei (Beijing, China)

Born in Inner Mongolia, China, 1986, I began my photography life since my 14, under my father’s guiding. After graduating from university in 2008, I became a journalist in Xinhua News Agency and almost at the same time started my career as a commercial photographer. 4 years later in 2012 I founded my own studio. From 2016 on, I have taken part in producing and editing 5 documentary photography albums, which inspired my interest for humanities documentary photography.

Why I love GR

1. The greatest kungfu is to be fast
GR is gifted the name of “best street snaper” mostly for it is literally faster than those of many other DC. Fast to turn on, fast to focus and fast to adjust exposure. The soul of street photography is to catch the best moments. In my practice, I sometime put GR-II off in my pocket. When i see or feel the “prey” around, I would quickly take it out and within seconds take a snap. Most often I and my GR-II are able to cooperate perfectly to catch the wanted-moment.
Beside this, the speed of focusing is also within concern. The easy-segue-in Snap-Shot mode is my second point, about which many GR-II fans are crazy. We can swift to manual focus mode that preset the focusing distance, this allow us to adjust the aperture to decide the depth of field, which can be intuitively seen on the screen. In this way, we can greatly save the the time of focusing and pushing or pulling the lens, and what is left for us to do is to quickly and precisely respond to the distance from you to the “prey”. The so-called fastest focusing mode is not to focus, and this is why many great street photographers love to use manual cameras.

2. Big components in small machine body
Big machine is much more aggressive and conspicuous than small machine in street photography. A small and hidden camera will be more flexible for street-snaping, also easier for a female photographer to explode through the street a whole day long.
The second fabulous big component is its focal length. GR-II carries prime lens of 28mm which can bring us high quality of imaging. 35mm is undeniably one of my favorite lens, however, in street photography, especially in narrow and constraint circumstances like Hutong, Nongtang, small alleys in China, 35mm lens can contain less information than 28mm lens. Moreover, wider lens allows more possibility for second composition and image retouch.

3. single-hand shot
The buttons‘ positions of GR are the most convenient and reasonable I have ever seen. They very much accord to human engineering, and with several user-defined button that we can easily set parameters with single hand only! This is what I enjoy GR-II the best because it joins my eyes, hand and my mind perfectly together and comfort me with the pleasure of catching sight of perfect moments and quickly grasping them seamlessly.

#Original text

安菲菲。1986年生于内蒙古呼和浩特。14岁跟随父亲开始学习摄影, 2008年大学毕业后到新华通讯社成为一名记者,并开始了商业摄影的拍摄工作,2012年成立个人人像摄影工作室,2016年起参与了5本纪实摄影的画册拍摄,从此爱上人文纪实摄影。刚刚参与完成一本摄影技巧内容分享的书,目前从事许多摄影培训和的纪实摄影的工作。同时正在拍摄个人的街头纪实摄影项目《晾晒区域》。以及与一名海员共同创作的远洋纪实摄影《航海日记》

1. 唯快不破是最厉害的功夫
GR被授予了“街拍利器”的称号,主要是因为它确实比华盛顿许多其他报纸都要快。开机快,对焦快,自动调节曝光快。街头摄影的灵魂就是捕捉最好的瞬间,如果因为机器的慢速反应而无法捕捉到,你会后悔的。在我的实践中,我有时会把GR II放在口袋里。当我看到或感觉到“猎物”在我周围时,我就会迅速地把它拿出来,在几秒钟内拍一拍。大多数情况下,我和我的GR II能够完美地合作,抓住他们想要的时刻。
除此之外,对焦的速度也值得关注。容易上手的抓拍模式是我的第二点,很多GR II迷都为之疯狂。我们可以快速切换到手动对焦模式,预置对焦距离,这样我们可以调整光圈来决定景深,这可以直观地在屏幕上看到。这样,我们就大大节省了对焦和推拉镜头的时间,剩下来我们要做的就是快速准确地对你和“猎物”之间的距离做出反应。所谓的最快对焦模式就是不对焦,这就是为什么许多优秀的街头摄影师喜欢使用手动相机的原因。
最后一个“快速”功能是曝光速度。GR II带有宾得相机独有的TAV模式。在这种模式下,你的相机会根据预设的光圈和快门速度自动快速调整ISO,这使得我们可以快速地从T模式切换到另一种模式来响应我们的“猎物”,而无需手动调整ISO。
2. 小机身的大部件
第二个令人难以置信的重要因素是它的焦距。GR II自带28mm定焦镜头,可以为我们带来高质量的成像。有些人可能会说,28mm镜头太宽了,我们不得不与“猎物”保持近距离,远不如35mm的“人眼”和Henri Cartier Bresson最喜欢的50mm镜头。不可否认,35mm是我最喜欢的镜头之一,但是在街头摄影中,尤其是在中国的胡同、弄堂、小巷子等狭窄约束的环境中,35mm镜头比28mm镜头包含的信息要少。此外,更宽的镜头允许更多的可能性,第二次组成和图像润饰。
GR按钮的位置是我见过的最方便最合理的。他们非常符合人类工程,并与几个用户定义的按钮,我们可以轻松地设置参数与单手!这是我最喜欢GR II的地方,因为它将我的眼睛、手和思想完美地结合在一起,并以捕捉到完美时刻并迅速无缝地抓住它们的快乐来安慰我。

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