Header Photos Released!

2018.09.18 BLOG

Thank you for submitting many header photos!

We thought it might be a difficult theme, but we had as many as 137 submissions in total! (121 Instagram, 16 Twitter)

Landscapes with the GR- some of them are so good that they could be used for advertisement as they are.

We could see how you viewed and felt about the GR.
We have chosen the following 5 works.

We will post them one by one as a header image from today!


1.by eternal.camera.boy
The GR placed in the blue makes you feel like traveling.

2.by kazu2215
Walking in the neighborhood at dusk can also make you feel like traveling.

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#gr_top #ricohgr2 @kazu.gr.n

kazunari onishiさん(@kazu2215)がシェアした投稿 -

3.by ryota__mitani
This photo makes good use of shadow. The GR as a still life looks interesting.

4.by instaglle
Light, temperature and humidity. A good example of flare and ghost being part of the photo.

5.by 矢島満夜
The wind flowing into the old house looks comfortable. We liked the red ring too.

We will do this again.
If you find a place where you want to place your GR, take a picture and save it!

Thank you!

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