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2018.09.13 BLOG

Hello, it’s Machuko@. The admin.
Today, let me report "GR trip"!

On July 21st (Sat), we held our first GR trip in Onomichi, Hiroshima!

Due to the heavy rain in western Japan, we examined until the very end whether we could really hold it. By confirming the safety and the participants’ will through the organizer, we decided to carry on.

On the day, it was blessed with nice and sunny weather- maybe too hot- and 15 GR fans gathered.

The members were from two groups- "Onomichi Photography Institute" and "GR Circle" plus their friends. Maybe because the organizer was in his twenties, we had an impression that the average age was younger than our usual events.

One of them was traveling in Hiroshima and got to know about the trip from a participating member, who happened to be staying at the hotel, and decided to join. He was a GR user. What a coincidence!

"GR trip" is an opportunity for you to walk with a GRist and leave pictures of your favorite place in GR official. We keep the "GRist" secret until the very day. The first one to be commemorated was Mr. Masato Terauchi.
Of course, even the organizer didn’t know who was coming. The participants had a variety of reactions when they saw Mr. Terauchi showing up. It was fun.

Speaking of Mr. Terrauchi, I was looking forward to what kind of comments he would make this time, because he reviews many photos on various occasions including PHat Photo, Onaeba, workshops etc.
His comments in his reviews gradually became serious.

"If you are satisfied with your pictures, you stop growing. It is important to think what else you can do or what you should do.”

By examining every work, he carefully spoke to each participant.

"Look at other people's pictures as many as possible. That's the most important thing and the best way to learn."

"When listening to my comments on someone else’s work, think about what you like about it and what you would do if you were to add something to it."

"Sometimes it is important to stick to what you believe is good even if people don’t understand it."

As Mr. Terauchi said "Maybe because everyone was good, I got too excited", he reviewed passionately and they listened enthusiastically. It was also educational that he pointed out while reviewing things photographers should know such as how to use straight lines and curved lines when taking portraiture, basic knowledge of composition, usage of partial colors etc.

"GR trip" is something we rely on the fans in many aspects- we ask one applicant to be the organizer and to decide where to meet and roughly what to do. This time, the organizer selected the Onomichi Chamber of Commerce Memorial Hall as the meeting place. Having this place as the base, we had a pleasant time walking around and taking a lot of pictures of Onomichi in the summer sunshine.

Let me show you what we did in "GR trip in Onomichi" in pictures!

"Onomichi Chamber of Commerce Memorial Hall" that we used as our base. Feeling a little bit like a lawmaker.

"Cherish this moment. Let's make it a memorable day." A word from Mr. Terauchi before we started.

Started from Onomichi shopping street where Onomichi Chamber of Commerce Memorial Hall was located! There were decorations of Tanabata and everyone's wishes were shining all over the place.

"It's hot" appreciating the shade.

Discovering a cat in the shade (under the bench).

Going up and up the hill, heading towards Senkoji!

Having lunch at a local noodle shop the organizer recommended. The owner is a photographer many of the participants respect. We privately reserved it. I had the soba noodle with cold tomato. So good!

Everyone listened seriously to the reviews.

Our GRs!

We walked a lot in the heat and took a lot of pictures! That was a nice photo workout!

Thank you so much for inviting us to such a wonderful place!
You can see the photos of Onomichi taken by participating members in "Gallery" below. Please take a look.

Finally, here are messages from Mr. Terauchi and the organizer!


From Mr. Terauchi

I liked the idea of "GR trip" not targeting a large number of people. I also confirmed once again the importance of making solidarity of real communities.
The level of the participants’ works was basically high and I found some very good ones. However, it was disappointing that they were not able to select them even though there were good. It would be lovely if they could know what’s considered good currently and have their own standards.

From the organizer

I started photography with the GR. It’s wonderful to enjoy taking pictures with people who like the same camera regardless of generation. Everything we experienced- that hot and steep hill, the cold soba noodle, the passionate reviews by Mr. Terauchi- all of them are our unforgettable memories of the summer.


In this first GR trip in Onomichi, the editor-in chief of Digital Camera Watch came to cover the event.

Apply for "GR trip" anytime!
Please let us know if you have your favorite place where you want to take photos with a GRist.

Thank you!


GR trip in Onomichi
Time schedule

11: 00-11: 30 Orientation
11: 30-13: 30 Photo Session
13: 30-15: 00 Lunch
15: 00-17: 00 Photo Selection, Review
18: 00-20: 00 Party

#Special thanks
(Japanese only)

Onomichi Chamber of Commerce Memorial Hall
Handmade Soba Noodles Ko
Betcha No Ibukuro


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