【GRist】Vol.57 Kazushi Momoi

2023.01.05 BLOG

The 57th GRist is Kazushi Momoi!
Mr. Momoi, who shoots works in a wide range of genres, from people to architecture and landscapes. The relationship between him and the GR has been going on for a long time, starting with the GR DIGITAL(2005).

This time, I introduced you as the first GRist in 2023, but in fact, I was the first person to appear at the beginning of the year in the previous GR BLOG (I was surprised to see it). Please also check out the interview on the previous GR BLOG(Japanese only).


About GR

My favorite thing about the GR is that I can operate everything with just my right hand. "Hold the camera firmly, turn it on, set the exposure, press the shutter release button, playback" I can do this series of operations comfortably, and I am amazed that it can be done in such a small body.

I usually use this camera when I am at work or on the move, as if I were taking notes while taking a deep breath.

When I looked back at the folders, I saw a lot of pictures of sky and clouds, which may be a sign that I need to take a break.

In recent years, as I have become an "adult", my eyes have evolved. I eagerly hope for an electronic viewfinder, which was available for the GXR and other cameras!

Kazushi Momoi
Born in Kyoto in 1968. Graduated from Omi Brotherhood Schools: kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Studied under photographer Kenji Nagatomo, and after three years as an assistant, became a freelance photographer. Currently, he takes photographs, writes books on cameras, and reports on the web. He has appeared at many events and lectured on NHK's "Hobby Yuyu: Introduction to Digital SLR Camera Photography" and other programs. His main photography genres include portraits and overseas landscapes. He is a member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS).
Youtube 「gizmomofreaks

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Happy New Year!

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