About GR III Diary Edition [Part 1] (OKUBO)

2023.01.10 BLOG

Hello everyone. I'm Okubo.

I am usually in charge of applications, but this time, I have been in charge of product planning.

I am here to talk about the special model “RICOH GR III Diary Edition” that we announced today.

The GR III Street Edition and GR III x Urban Edition, the special models of the GR III and GR IIIx released last year and the year before, were themed on Street Photography, with the aim for users to actively capture the dynamism of the city

On the other hand, the focus of the latest special model is on everyday snapshots, using more friendly and relaxed lifestyle motifs.

It's called “GR III Diary Edition”.

“Diary” has the following meaning: the photographer takes snapshots of daily life with the GR as if keeping a diary, and expresses him/herself with those photographs as if writing an essay.

The accumulation of photos of casual daily scenes becomes a record of subtle movements of the heart in daily life, a story that only the person can write.

In literature, this could be a “private novel”, or an “essay”.

For this occasion, we asked photographer Ryo Ohwada to take snapshots of his casual daily life to represent the product, and to write a column about what it means to him to take pictures of everyday life.

This is exactly what we wanted to convey to you through the “GR III Diary Edition”. Please take a look. > (Link).

It was designed based on the GR III in the hope that when you look back on your photos after shooting, you will find it interesting that there are objects you unconsciously capture in the wide 28mm angle as you casually take pictures of your daily life.

For the body color of the GR III Diary Edition, we chose a metallic warm gray that blends naturally into our everyday environment, like stationery that you carry with you on a daily basis, and makes you want to pick it up from time to time.

The grip is a dark brown color that matches the metallic warm gray.

The ring is a highly luminous natural silver, which adds a sharp, detailed mechanical impression to the warm body color of the camera.

The Special Limited Kit (available on January 20) includes three special accessories.

First, a finger strap. Ideal for everyday use.

The material used is genuine Italian leather in an amber-gray color that matches the body color. The base, where the string is inserted, is stitched tightly to give extra strength and security.

The shape of the strap is wider at the far end for easier gripping, and tapered at the camera end so that it does not interfere with camera operation.

Next, a canvas case to store the camera in your bag.

The canvas fabric is made in Japan. The more you use it, the more beautiful the texture will become.

The belt on the lid is made of the same amber-gray genuine Italian leather as the finger strap. The inside is also made of the same material as the lining of the finger strap, creating a sense of coordination as a Special Limited Kit.

Finally, a hot shoe cover. It's in a natural silver color, the same color as the ring cap.

The material is high-quality stainless steel. The hot shoe cover can be engraved with your favorite text or standard text (4 types).

*The availability of the metal hot shoe cover may vary depending on the region where the product is sold. Please check the RICOH IMAGING website in your area.

Moreover, a new “Negative-Film” has been added to the Image Control for this model.

We have carefully designed this Image Control mode to be perfect for everyday snapshots, matching the Diary Edition concept.

This “Negative-Film” will also be available for all GRIII and GRIIIx series with a firmware update to be released at a later date.

Other than the new Image Control mode, we have implemented several other new features, which I will discuss in detail in Part 2.

The GR III Diary Edition was planned with this lifestyle in mind: you carry a camera every day and take pictures every day.

We believe this is a very special model that will always bring you the joy of taking photographs.

A GR that you spend your daily life with. How about one for your life?

For details on the release date and availability of the “Ricoh GR III Diary Edition Special Limited Kit”, please see the press release.


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