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2022.08.23 BLOG

One of the essential elements of photography is to focus.

In the infinite flow of time and the 360-degree world, your choice of what to focus on and what to take out of focus is what makes your photograph.

This year, I took a Hasselblad medium format film camera to my junior high school son's field day. A single roll of film can only take 12 pictures. No continuous shooting. No zoom lens. I was only able to take two shots each for the march and the short-distance run. I released the shutter only at the moment I really wanted to take the picture.

As a result, I took only 12 pictures in a whole day. However, I was satisfied with the results.

If I were asked whether I would have been more satisfied with the results if I had had continuous shooting or a zoom lens, I would say no.

To focus on the moment and the subject, and press the shutter. I like that simplicity of action. In some cases, I focus on a theme. You could call it commitment.

It is the same when I use my GR. I don't use continuous mode, I use manual exposure mode, and of course, the single focal length lens. I take a few extra shots of the same subjects from slightly different angles, but the number of shots I take is not that large.

I focus and shoot, committing to the here and now. The simplicity of it.

This morning, I made breakfast and lunch for my son who was home for summer vacation, took a photo of them with my GR IIIx in the pale morning light, put them on the table, and went to work. I don't know how it looks to other people, but to me and my family, it is one of the most important GR SNAPs of all.

Robert Adachi
Having always been interested in how we connect and create, Adachi studied foreign languages, programming languages and art as a teenager, studied international law and global issues at the university, began composing music at the age of 22, and self-taught photography at 32. He was in charge of the brochure/official sample photos of the GR DIGITAL III, GXR, and GR. Composed the original music for “GR Concept Movie.” Received many awards worldwide in fine art. His publications include photobook “Clarity and Precipitation” (arD).

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