From Seattle in Summer (Yuka)

2018.08.16 BLOG

Hi, it’s Yuka.
It’s been very hot. Please take care not to get heat stroke!

Well, I go to Seattle, Washington on business about once a month.
I have an American colleague named Camaron and he and I got along very well through photography.
Our camera talks heated up so much that he began using the GR and wanted to join the GR community from America! Here’s his story.

“Hi, I am Cam.
I was born in Huntington Beach California. I grew up surfing, water skiing, and playing soccer. I moved to Washington State when I was in the 6th grade, continued playing sports, got through high school and eventually attended Washington State University where I majored in communications. I worked as a DJ on a local radio station and DJ the nightclubs in the evenings.
Now at 38, I am husband to my wife Jenifer for 12 years, father of a 15-month-old Maveric, yes, I named my son after the coolest movie ever, Top Gun. Who didn’t want to be a fighter pilot at 10 years old? Passions include, photography (obviously), cooking, and building things around the house. Let’s just say if you want to grill a whole pig or side of beef and build the outdoor kitchen to do it in, I’m your guy.

I am a brand-new user to the Ricoh GR ll and for years I have lugged around a Canon 5d mark iii with multiple lenses. A beautiful piece of equipment but hardly the agile slip out of my pocket at any moment camera my life with a child now basically demands. For years I have wanted a camera; not an iPhone, that was easy to carry and could provide me high quality, while letting me have complete control of the settings.
A simple straight forward and easy to understand menu have made this a camera perfect to pick up and start shooting immediately. In one hand I can make quick adjustments and move on the next moment waiting to be captured. I have not even begun to touch the full capabilities of the camera, I am excited to continue leaning and share my experiences as I go.
Below are just a few shots over this past weekend at our lake house and back yard, these moments, for me are the best, just family and friends, I don’t even want to think about how many moments I have missed capturing simply because I didn’t have my camera in my pocket. Time to get your camera out and make some memories. ”

How was it? You will see Cam in my post from time to time!
Seattle in summer is like Karuizawa (famous vacation site) in Japan. It is so pleasant and the days are so long that it makes me go outside even on a business trip.
It is my only pleasure to eat outside with Cam and other members during the day.
Well, see you soon!


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