GR IIIx Urban Edition : Part 2 (IWASAKI)

2022.03.17 BLOG

This is Iwasaki, the Product Planner.

Continuing from the first part, I would like to tell you more about the GR IIIx Urban Edition.

This time, I will introduce the new enhanced firmware that is pre-installed in the GR IIIx Urban Edition, and will also be available for the GR III and GR IIIx by updating at the time the new camera is released.

The new firmware has seven new features and improvements, including some minor ones. I will explain in detail mainly about three of the new features.

(1) Snap Distance Priority Mode

The parameters that you can set with this new feature are snap focus distance and depth of field. This is a new exposure mode that you have never had on GRs.

The depth of field can be selected from DOF1 to DOF3, with DOF1 being the shallowest depth and DOF3 being the deepest. DOF3, in particular, sets the aperture value that makes the depth of field close to pan-focus around the selected Snap Focus Distance, which allows the photographer to shoot without worrying about focus position or focusing time, thus allowing the photographer to capture the moment more spontaneously.

And with DOF1 and DOF2, the depth of field is set shallower. One shooting idea is to keep the depth range in your mind and move yourself in order the subject to fall within that range.

This Snap Distance Priority mode works well for street photography and other scenes where you can move yourself fast to capture the moment. Rather than setting this mode by diving into the menu each time, we recommend that you set it in one of the user modes for faster shooting speed.

In addition, “3.5m” has been added to the Snap Focus Distance in order for you to enable more detailed settings. This is an easy-to-use snapshot distance, especially for GR IIIx users. Please give it a try.

(2) Auto-area AF (Center)

Auto-area AF is an autofocusing function that divides a large area of the screen into 5x5 areas for focusing information and focuses on the most appropriate area. The newly added focusing mode is to autofocus in the central 3 x 3 area.

Because autofocus is performed in the center 3x3 area, it prevents unintended subjects from being focused on the edges of the screen, the ground underfoot, for example. It also avoids focusing on people at the edges of the image on a busy street where many people are walking. It's easier to use, especially when your main subject is in the center.

(3) Addition of "Enable AF" to Shutter Button Setting

In the Shutter Button Setting, "AF+AE Lock" and "AE Lock" have been available so far. And now, "Enable AF" will be added to the list.

This means that when the shutter release button is half-pressed, only the AF is enabled, and if you continue to keep the shutter half-pressed, only the focus keeps locked, not the AE. Then you can adjust the composition and full-press the shutter, when the AE works. This will make your shooting easier if you want to focus first before composing.

In addition, long tapping on the LCD during playback displays the Playback Settings menu on the screen, enabling fast RAW development and editing of playback images on the touch panel.

Also, as an improvement in operability, when changing the aspect ratio for cropping, the aspect ratio that you choose by pressing the ADJ button has been displayed so far. This can be confusing because the displayed aspect ratio does not match the ratio to be cropped. Now, by displaying the aspect ratio that has already been selected, it will match the aspect ratio of the cropping frame.

The new firmware will be installed in hopes that it will reduce your stress of focusing and make it easier to use for street photography. For existing GR III and GR IIIx owners, the new firmware with the above mentioned functions will be released soon. You can use it by updating the firmware.

Try this new firmware on your GR and continue to enjoy your GR.

That is all I have to tell you about the GR IIIx Urban Edition this time.


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