【Column】My Journey that Began in Portugal / Mina Daimon

2022.03.25 BLOG

Come to think of it, this year marks the 11th year since I made a debut as a photographer. I was thinking about doing something in my 10th year when it was around the 8th year, but the year 2021 ended while being tormented by COVID-19.

11 years ago in January, my husband and I held a photography exhibition at the RICOH Photo Gallery RING CUBE as a part of their open call exhibitions. The title of the exhibition was "Portugal. As the name suggests, it was an exhibition of photographs we had taken in Portugal.

When I was 20 years old, my aunt took me to Portugal, but perhaps because I was expecting too much, the only thing I can remember about the trip is that fried cod with ponzu (Japanese citrus sauce) was delicious. I knew I had to visit Portugal again somehow.

My wish came true and I went to Portugal for the second time, this time with my husband. It was our first trip together and first exhibition together, consequently we had a lot of arguments, but it was this debut exhibition that made me realize how interesting photography can be, and how differently you look at the world even when you are in the same place at the same time.

A few years later, I became a photographer, while my husband continued to work as a businessman. But as we take photos together as a couple, we have come to understand each other's perspectives in photography. When we are out together, we say to each other, “Look at that!” to tell each other to take a picture, pointing. Even if I do not take the picture myself, there is a curious sense of satisfaction in doing so.

When the exhibition was over, we both bought a GXR each.

The two of us went to Spain later, and this time with the GXR, needless to say we had loud fights there again, and now, almost 10 years later, we are using the same cameras again for the first time in a long time, the GR III and the GR IIIx.

What we take with these four cameras are pictures of ordinary scenes in our daily lives.

It could be a beach on the way to a grocery store, a bowl of shijimi ramen noodles that we slurp on a hungover morning, or a strange hairstyle that stands on end with static electricity on a camping morning.

I think how we look at the world may be a little closer now. Perhaps we can drink Portuguese wine together on the beach in the summer. I will probably forget about it again, though.

Mina Daimon
Born in Yokohama, currently living in Chigasaki, Daimon became a photographer after winning the Ricoh RING CUBE public exhibition. In addition to being an artist, she collaborates with apparel brands, teaches courses and holds events sponsored by camera manufacturers and stores, and contributes articles to magazines and web magazines. Has held many solo and group exhibitions. Her representative works include "Honjitsu no hakoniwa (Today's Sandbox)" and "Hama", as well as the photobook "Hama" (Akaaka Art Publishing Inc).

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