2022.03.23 BLOG

I walk on the beach while I take pictures, or I take pictures while I walk on the beach.

Is the purpose taking pictures or walking, or going to a pork cutlet restaurant at the end of the walk? Perhaps everything is a purpose, a means, and a normal part of daily life.

For me, taking pictures is not anything special, but rather an act like putting post-it notes on things in my daily life that I want to keep in mind.

The GR is not only portable, but also condensed and elegant. This elegant quality is very important. The act of snapshooting is something very impudent, as you abruptly do it when you encounter someone or something, therefore at the very least, you want your camera to have some elegance.

The GR stays close to me as if it has become a part of my body, my eye, my hand, and one of my sensory organs.

In the world of 28mm, I need something to push me forward, while with 40mm I capture the scene in a slightly more leisurely manner.

I am always thinking about photography. I take pictures even in my dreams. About 10 years ago, I was often disappointed because I didn't have my camera with me when I wanted it in my dreams, but now I have a GR or other small camera in my hand there. It is a pity that I can't bring the photos out to the real world, but since I have succeeded in having my camera in my dreams, I may be able to take them out when the hard disk in my dream world is full.

I really feel stupid for half-seriously thinking such a thing. I'm a pretty carefree and forgetful person, too. But that is why, no matter how many times I visit the place, I am never tired of the sight, always impressed with it, and can take pictures of it again and again.

Keep your camera and your feelings light. What I want to do is to take pictures today, tomorrow, and always.

Born in Yokohama, currently living in Chigasaki, Daimon became a photographer after winning the Ricoh RING CUBE public exhibition. In addition to being an artist, she collaborates with apparel brands, teaches courses and holds events sponsored by camera manufacturers and stores, and contributes articles to magazines and web magazines. Has held many solo and group exhibitions. Her representative works include "Honjitsu no hakoniwa (Today's Sandbox)" and "Hama", as well as the photobook "Hama" (Akaaka Art Publishing Inc).

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