【GRist】Vol.55 Michiko Kiseki

2022.04.15 BLOG

The 55th GRist is Michiko Kiseki!

Besides working as a freelance photographer focusing on music and documentary photography, Kiseki traveled to Hong Kong in 2019 to create her work and presented a documentary work witnessing the city of Hong Kong at that time.

She plans to hold an exhibition titled "The place" at gallery Main in Kyoto from April 28, featuring works taken in Hong Kong, some of which were not shown at the Tokyo exhibition held in February. Don't miss it.


It has been more than 20 years since I picked up a camera and started taking pictures. However, it is only recently that I have begun to establish myself as a photographer.

It was an extended stay in Hong Kong in 2019 that changed my life as a photographer. I met and learned a lot during the 8 months there to face myself and photography.

In the midst of all this, I started using the GR III. It blends in with the city when you are on the street, and helps you relax when it's in your hand. I've come to think this camera is suitable for any kind of situation.

I take not only documentary photography, but commercial and music photography as well, where I sometimes use my GR III. It allows me to shoot without intimidating others.

I would like to be a photographer who does not fall into specific genres. In that sense, the GR is a great camera that fits any kind of photography.

Michiko Kiseki
Born in Belgium, spent her childhood in Hong Kong and France. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Photography. After working in a studio and as an assistant, she became independent. For 8 months from July 2019, she stayed in Hong Kong, where she witnessed and covered the Hong Kong democracy protests on the front lines. Returned to Japan in February 2020 and currently works as a freelance photographer, focusing on music and documentary photography. A member of Gallery Niepce since 2020. Finalist at the 1st SHINES, Honorable Mention at the 41st Yomiuri Photo Grand Prix, Grand Prize at the 4th Photo Publication Award. Published [VOICE Hong Kong 2019] in 2022. Holds many photo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Japan.


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