【GRist】Vol.52 Kaworu Kobayashi

2021.11.19 BLOG

The 52nd GRist is Kaworu Kobayashi!

Kaworu Kobayashi is not only a photographer, but is also involved in photography from many different angles.

Among her diverse activities, what appeals the most is her "neighborhood photos," in which she always takes her GR along, no matter what the occasion, and captures ordinary, everyday life.

Her GR works, expressed in many colors and various compositions, are truly the world of Kaworu Kobayashi.

GR and I

It's been 25 years since I met GR, knowing about its predecessor- the RICOH R1. Although we haven't known each other for a long time, I feel that I have finally met him. That's the feeling I have now.

It's been almost 6 years since I got my first GR II in a relationship that has grown closer over the past few years. Since then, we have always been together. From the tables to my travels abroad, the GR has always been in my bag.

I'm pleased with the ease of having it close to my heart without being a burden, and having it always by my side helps me express myself. I don't need to think too much. When I feel the urge to take a picture, I just release the shutter. Yet, there is also the fun of tuning the image to your own liking through in-camera RAW development.

It is an innovative tool for staying in touch with the world you see and expanding your possibilities.

Kaworu Kobayashi
Photographer / Creator
Born in Kita-ku, Tokyo. Began learning photography in the early days of digital photography at the site where print data was produced. In addition to being a photographer and lecturer, Kaworu is a creator whose fields include design, planning, production, and direction, and she writes and contributes to photography and camera magazines and websites. Contributed to RICOH GRⅢ PERFECT GUIDE. New York International Photography Awards, IPA2021, Professional Fine Art Division, Honorable Mention.
Website https://kobayashikaworu.jimdofree.com/https://kobayashikaworu.jimdofree.com/
Instagram @kobayashikaworu_gr

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