Photograph as Interface or Headline (Robert)

2021.11.17 BLOG

Definition of photography differs from photographer to photographer and each of them has a unique experience with it.

I have experienced many phases related to photography: a period when I had no connection with photography, a period when I became absorbed in photography, a period when I started working with photography, a period when digital technology became popular, a period when I started teaching photography, a period when I became a little bored with photography, a period when I started feeling the mission again, and so on. In each of these phases, I had different feelings about photography.

So what about now?

Today, when most photographs are viewed on the Internet, I have a strong feeling that a photograph is an interface (much different from the somewhat romantic feelings I used to have about photography).

In the analog era, when we could only receive direct communication from photographers through exhibitions and photobooks, the meaning of a single photograph was very different.

Now that the majority of photographs are not printed on paper, they are hardly objects to be displayed or looked at anymore.

In the sense that we are exposed to and enjoy the photographer's experience and concept through the photograph, a photograph was and still is an interface.

But today, most of them on the web and are an interface to access some information, an interface that is more like a "headline" to convey the essence of the information.

I have been thinking deeply how photographs can be more than a headline, something that will lead the viewer to a fountain of deep imagination.

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