【GRist】Vol.50 Kawori Inbe

2021.09.17 BLOG

The 50th GRist is Kawori Inbe!

Kawori "intentionally" expresses dark aspects of the human heart such as contradiction, conflict, and destruction from her unique points of view.


I use the GR mainly for location scouting, interviews and travels. When shooting for my work, I prefer a heavy camera, but for everyday use, I want my camera to be as light as possible. I hang the GR around my neck while walking and shoot without thinking. It's like recording my visions as they are. I can take it out and take photos so quickly that at one time a friend was surprised saying "I can't tell when you are shooting." As I walk faster than average people and want to shoot without stopping, I take a lot of blurred photos, but that's also fun.

I took these 4 photos in the places I visited during the past month. They were taken on the way back from a model shooting, in a ghost tunnel I went to on location scouting, an intersection in Shinjuku where I took a walk with a friend, and a shrine with chickens that I stopped by on a drive.

I always wander around Tokyo because I can't stop. When the GR is down from my neck, my hand moves automatically when I see something interesting.

Kawori Inbe
Photographer, Nonfiction Writer

Born in Tokyo in 1980, Kawori Inbe photographs ordinary women living in the present age with the theme of human heart. She holds solo exhibitions in Japan and overseas. She won the 43rd Ina Nobuo Award and the 2019 Photographic Society of Japan New Face Award.

Inbe's articles are currently serialized in "Shukan Dokushojin (Weekly Reader)'' magazine and "Simone" magazine. Her publications include photobooks "Yappa tsuki kaeruwa, watashi (I'm going back to the moon)", "Riso no neko janai (Not my ideal cat)" and "Fua fua no sukima 1, 2, 3" (all Akakasha), co-authored "No More Asuka Tachikawa" (Misora Publishing), and "Nora neko fuzokujo”(Shinchosha e-book). In 2021, a nonfiction, an essay and a photo essay books are scheduled to be released.

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