Official Images for GR III Product Pages(robert)

2021.09.16 BLOG

I was in charge of the official sample images for Ricoh's GR III product pages. They were taken with both the GR III and the recently released GR IIIx.

The task wasn't as easy as you probably think, especially because I wasn't allowed to travel overseas due to COVID-19 prevention. For the Japanese market, pictures in such foreign cities as Paris and Vienna would be appealing. The images in the original GR III product pages, as a matter of fact, were taken in Paris (not by me though). But for customers outside Japan, the images taken in Japan may be as appealing, I hope.

It was challenging and enjoyable at the same time to find appropriate locations for specific orders for specific functions, and in each picture, I had to show off not only aesthetic implications but also excellence of the camera performance within a certain technical framework that the Ricoh staff ordered.

The below are some of the images that I liked but were not selected. Hope you like them as much as I do.


GR IIIx *Taken with a prototype

GR IIIx *Taken with a prototype

GR IIIx *Taken with a prototype

GR IIIx *Taken with a prototype

GR IIIx *Taken with a prototype


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