【GRist】Vol.48 Shinichi Hanawa

2021.07.16 BLOG

The 48th GRist is Shinichi Hanawa!

Mr. Hanawa continues to photograph attractive cityscapes, especially overseas, as well as portraits. His sincere attitude to always face the city, people, and other subject matters, and the photographer's kindness and personality are reflected in his work.

Please see the article on the previous GR BLOG, too.


I think the GR is a camera to take memory photos. Memory, not record. It's a tool that allows you to visually save memories you want to keep in your brain.

In other words, it's not suitable for taking highly refined or directed photographs. It is for photocopying the scene you are looking at right now.

The compact body is rustic, and the camera itself does not show much presence. Therefore, even if you walk in the city and suddenly stop and press the shutter, people around you rarely notice it. For snap shooting, there is no better tool.

As if you were blinking, as long as you press the shutter, the memories of your travels will be kept as images one after another. Just as you see them, naturally.

GR will continue to be an indispensable item to accompany my travel snap shooting.

Shinichi Hanawa

Born in Tokyo, Hanawa is a freelance photographer whose main field is portraiture.
He not only takes portraits of actors, TV personalities, politicians, but also contributes photographs and articles to camera magazines. His lifetime work is to take portraits and cityscapes overseas, and night photography. He holds many photo exhibitions on the cities and people of New York and Paris.

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