【GRist】Vol.47 erico

2021.06.18 BLOG

The 47th GRist is erico!

For erico, I have an impression of nostalgic and ephemeral work.
She explores new methods of photography including her unique workshops called "Kaleidoscope Making & Shooting" that she has held in recent years.


Thoughts on GR

Many treasures exist quietly around me. That's what I realize when I take pictures. Even your familiar sceneries can look different and be a new world if you view them from different angles, in different time zones, under different light conditions, and in different seasons.

Furthermore, things look differently depending on the emotions you have at the moment of shooting. You can see them in the picture. With the GR, you can capture your own treasures hidden in your daily life with the size that you can always carry around and the good response that you can release the shutter immediately when your emotions move.

I have come to realize that most of the works I have presented were shot with GR. Since I got the GR III, with the size being as small as the previous models and the AF speed improved, it has become more and more indispensable for my production.

In recent years, in my series to shoot the world through kaleidoscopes, thanks to its lightness and focusing speed, I can concentrate on "feeling" the constantly changing beauty of the moment without stress.

I will continue to cherish encountering my own treasures with the GR. I hope my works will remind the viewers that they too have many treasures in their surroundings.


As an artist, erico has produced photographs under the theme of "boundaries hidden in everyday life" and has presented many works in Kansai, Tokyo and other areas. In recent years, she has been producing works using kaleidoscopes. She also expresses her unique world view from various angles through video and music production. She teaches and holds workshops sponsored by camera manufacturers and photography schools. She is known as "erico-sensei" and her workshops using GR such as street snap shooting and kaleidoscope photography are well received.


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