Photographing Sound (Robert)

2021.06.29 BLOG

In my last article, I wrote about the possibility for photographs to capture smells, and this time, I'd like to talk about sound.

As a music composer, I create music and play my instruments on a daily basis. I love musical equipment as much as photographic equipment. Many musical instruments are photogenic because they are designed to be not only functional but inspiring as well. They invite you to touch, play, and be creative.

This is also true with cameras. They are designed to inspire you. The GR, in particular, always inspires me.

Then a question arises. Do photographs capture sound? The answer is no in a rigid sense. But good photos stimulate your imagination in a way that they vibrate in your brain. You hear beautiful music, the soothing sound of nature and lush noise of streets in them. I always wish to take photos that stimulate your imagination in other senses than vision.

(All photos taken with GR III)


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