【GRist】Vol.45 Zhou Mengying

2021.04.09 BLOG

The 45th GRist is Zhou Mengying.


Zhou Mengying, whose social media account id is "木木夕Moi", was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province. In the summer of 2019, she graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a master's degree in fine arts. In the same year, she founded a personal photography studio. She has been engaged in portrait, fashion and commercial photography.
Social media: https://weibo.com/u/1311022841

My GR Story

The Ricoh GR is a fascinating camera. I like to use GR to record daily life. It is like my other pair of eyes, recording those fleeting moments. Although the cameras I use for commercial shooting or photography creation activities are different from time to time, I always have a GR with me wherever I go. Not only because GR is small and light, but also because it can quickly capture the picture I want to shoot. This is not only reflected in my street and documentary photography, but the reason why I use it to record my daily life and capture beautiful moments, too.

Whenever I travel, GR is always in my pocket. During the journey, the pictures we see are not only unique but also full of unknowns and changes. Having a GR can help us shoot various subjects, from documentary to portrait, from still life to scenery. And we can always find our own unique perspective in each scene.

At first, I used GR to record my daily life and travel experience and shared them on social media, which attracted wide attention. Later, I continued to share more of my own feelings and experience in using GR, which has helped more GR users use this camera more effectively. The shared content has not only provided GR users with a platform for communication and sharing, but also unexpectedly aroused the desire of many people to shoot and use GR.






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