Announcing GR SNAPS Vol. 9 Selections!

2020.12.18 BLOG

Thank you for waiting!
We would like to announce our selection of GR SNAPS Vol.9 “Monotone”.

Before we started, we thought there would be many entries because the theme goes well with GR. But, wow, there were as many as about 2,000 Instagram entries (pictures with the hashtag)!!! After examining, we found out there were those posted outside the entry period unfortunately, but even so, there were about 700 works. Surprising.

Plus, we received about 150 posts on Twitter as well.
Thank you everyone!

Each and every time, we have a hard time selecting and this time was no exception. The level of your work was so high that we didn't know how to choose!

It was also an opportunity to reaffirm how joyful and difficult monotone photography.
We learn from SNAPS a lot every time indeed.

Thank you again for all the posts!

The following 5 works have been selected.

With a soft light shining at a low angle, this is an impressive piece that captures the silhouettes of three parents and children. The child is really cute. Wonderful.

It is impressive to see the contrast between the dynamic geometric pattern drawn by the arcs and the silhouette of a person that calms the tension of sight. I can see the photographer has a thing about the finish of the shadow part.

It is a fantastic scene like a dream where the light emphasized in monotone shines brilliantly. Looking closely, you feel that the flow of time slows down and brings tranquility.

★Yuichi Miura
A mysterious looking photo that evoked discussion among the writers “what exactly is in the picture?” Isn't it a photograph of the water surface taken in the vertical position and then horizontalized? But when you look at what's reflected, it's not like that ... It makes you imagine a lot.

With a person wearing a hat standing among the white structure and the white wall and the straight and curved lines laid out beautifully, everything seems to be thoroughly thought out. I was fascinated by the emphasis on the shapes and composition by having no color information.

Continue posting your photos with “#grsnaps” even after the entry period. We regram our favorite photos daily on RICOH GR Official Instagram account!

Adding “#grsnaps” when posting your GR work on Twitter is also appreciated.

Stay tuned for the next time!


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