【GRist】Vol.40 Li Xian

2020.09.29 BLOG

The 40th GRist is Li Xian !


Li Xian was born in Xianning, Hubei province on October 19, 1991. He grew up with his parents in Jingzhou, Hubei province. In 2010, he was admitted to the Acting Department of Beijing Film Academy. In the following year, he acted in the movie “Feng Shui”, which officially entered the film circle. He kept his beginner’s mind and focused on performing; Self-discipline life, enrich the heart; Forge ahead, grow, always on the road, always “ING (present progressive)”.

I am Li Xian, an actor. In the nine years since my debut, I have experienced countless silent and fulfilling moments, getting along with myself, recharging myself and waiting for opportunities to come. I also experienced many busy but worthwhile moments, creating different characters, finishing each work with like-minded people, witnessing or expecting them to meet the audience and be loved by everyone. Each length is accompanied by countless moments of one kind or another, and each “ING” is also engraved with the mark of growth.

About GR

I like to use my GR to shoot something that interests me, something that makes me feel different when I take breaks on the set or on my own time. Taking photos to freeze the moment and recording every progress is also a way to experience the world. The moment is frozen from eternity. Then when I see these photos, the frozen moments turn into flowing memories so that I can easily recall the people I met and things I saw at that time. From the first contact with the Ricoh GR until now, I have experienced the upgrading of the GRs, which have recorded my life and accompanied my growth. I hope I can take more wonderful pictures for myself and share them with friends through Ricoh cameras so that everyone can see the beauty of life.

Use the lens to freeze the moments of growth and record your own special “ING”.

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