【GRist】Vol.38 Qianqian Zhang

2020.08.07 BLOG

The 38th GRist is Qianqian Zhang !

About Qianqian Zhang
Born in Shaanxi, in 1989, Qianqian Zhang is a freelance photographer. She specializes in street photography and abstract photography, with a humanistic spirit. Photography has been in her blood. Shooting photos with only one-arm, she has become known as the “one-arm swordswoman” in various media platforms. A talented photographer, but also loves to be a subject of photos too. In her spare time, she likes to be a model.
In 2018, her photos were invited to attend BianWai photography exhibition in Dalian province, China.
In 2019, she returned to her rural home town and hosted her own exhibition for the elders of the village.
In 2019, she was invited to attend a photography exhibition in Dali, China.

My GR Story
I'm Qianqian Zhang (张倩倩), and I’m from Shaanxi province, China. As for me, I prefer to call myself a camera girl, because every time I’m asked who I am, I'd like to be an observer and obsessed with taking photos. When I pick up the camera, I can subtly feel every breath of life rhythm in front of my camera, that subtlety goes beyond words, music and dance.

As long as I pick up the camera, everything in my eyes is too precious to me, all these things have some kind of divinity to me, and I would like to be a wanderer in these deities.

What is photography to me? Photography can not never tell us how to take photos, the essence of photography is a force, deriving from my body and life that have been inspired, pushing me to pick up a camera and take photos.

When I was a little girl, I would often lie in the cornfield, looking up at the sky in a daze, at that time, I always had a fantasy that if there was a pair of eyes in the sky, staring at me, from that angle, taking a photo of my posture would be great. Now in retrospect, wandering in the unseen world, I had the urge to record beauty and life, as a result, I started awkwardly to write diary every day, and it has gone on until today.

From a child to a girl, and to my youth, when photography hit me for the first moment, I realized that I would be the one who would take photos for the rest of my life, just like my diary, they all will keep me company.

When I was two and a half years old, I had an accident, and since then I had became a girl with only one hand. One day in my grown-up days that followed, a black-and-white photo appeared in my life. It was me- I was just nine months old in that photo. But in that photo, I had two hands wholly. Staring at the photo, I unconsciously wanted to touch my missing hand, but the missing hit me deeply.

That is why I'm willing to pick up cameras; I want to record every moment of life, I do not let any light of life escape my sight, and photography, to me, not only makes me alive, but also has a magic to push me to become more and more excellent.

Because of photography, my footsteps are almost all over China. I have been a swordswoman walking around the world with my camera, the camera is my sword.

Nature and so many people give me sunshine and warmth, and I want to give all these back to more people. Therefore, I love taking photos.

After meeting GR, it makes me more crazy. It seems that the GR is customized for me; with only one hand, I can take photos with it easily.

When I meet some kids in my journey, I usually let them play with my GR to take photos, which makes me very delighted, because I'm aware that photography is like a seed in their body that will spring up some day.

Though I'm still young, I know clearly what life is to me. Through cameras, I want more people to see the beauty and joy of life. I appreciate that GR is so comfortable to me. I feel grateful for meeting everything, photography and photos, and for meeting each other.

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我叫张倩倩,来自中国陕西,其实我更喜欢称自己为camera girl,因为当我问自己“我是谁”,我是一个时时刻刻都在观察和拍照的人,每次拿起相机,我可以更精准感受到镜头前生命的呼吸、节奏,那呼吸里有太多言语和音乐及舞蹈无法表现的淋漓尽致,而只要拿起相机,眼前的一切于我而言珍贵无比,在我眼里万物皆有灵,我喜欢尽情让自己畅游在灵光中。








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