Announcing the 3rd “View with GR” Selection! (Machuko@)

2020.07.22 BLOG

Thank you everyone for posting your photographs for the third “View with GR” header photo selection (with apology for the delay in announcement)!

This time again, we had as many as nearly 400 submissions, together on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you very much!

We looked at them over and over again saying “this is good, that is good too, no, we must have this!” It was tough but fun.

The 5 selected works will be posted as the header photos of the GR official from today!



Are the photos in the background memories taken with these cameras? The highlight a little above the center makes an accent in the soothing monotone image.

Cool and trad. Happy to see this because I believe denim and GR match each other!

Fascinated by the serious look behind the GR!

There is something warm in the sight looking down at the the GR. Ah, I want to go to the beach and take pictures!

We all went “so cute!” when we saw this. We wish the photographer will continue to record the good days with the GR.



@ yujmuraiがシェアした投稿 -

So happy to see you using GRs from different generations. Join us again for another header photo project.



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【GRist】Vol.37 Eri Takenaka

2020.07.17 | BLOG


Thank you for "GR meet online"! (Machuko@)

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