【GRist】Vol.36 Kazuyuki Okajima

2020.07.03 BLOG

The 36th GRist is Kazuyuki Okajima!

Mr. Okajima is one of the photographers we have cooperated with in various ways, such as workshops and CP+. We had a great time with him during GR trip in Yachiyo including his informative review!

He has been teaching at Ricoh Photo Academy recently. Click on the link below to see the information for his class.

See his article on our previous GR BLOG as well.

About GR
I have traveled to many places with a GR from the successive generations in my bag. The cameras I use mainly for commercial use and art work are different from time to time, but I always have a GR. It’s great that you can quickly take it out and shoot behind-the-scene shots between locations. It captures a lot of unexpected moments outside serious shooting periods. It can relax you and be a nice change of pace when the shooting is not going well. Perhaps it's those photos you don't care too much about taking that best describe who you are.

Kazuyuki Okajima
Born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1967. Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography. Became a freelance photographer after working as a studio assistant and assistant photographer.
In addition to artistic photography, he works in various fields such as lecturer and competition judge. His publications include the photobooks “Dingle” and “Kaze to tsuchi (Wind and Earth)”. His exhibitions include “Dingle no hikari to kaze (Light and Wind of Dingle)” “Shiosai”, “Gakko e iko (Let’s go to school!) Children in Inle Lake Area of Myanmar”, “Kujukuri”, “Kaze to tsuchi (Wind and Earth)”.

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