【GRist】Vol.35 Kazuhiro Shiozawa

2020.06.19 BLOG

The 35th GRist is Kazuhiro Shiozawa!

He is a photographer as well as a professor of law. He is an energetic and multi-talented person who is knowledgeable in various fields including Apple computers, cooking, shoes, stationary etc.

See his article on our previous GR BLOG as well.


About GR
My life has been and always will be with GR. Starting with the film camera "GR1s" I purchased in 1998, since the GR DIGITAL released in 2005 up to the latest GR III, more than half of my 40,000 annual shootings have been taken with a GR, which integrates my mind and body in my hand. It photographs everyday scenes such as smiles, sounds, smells, and tastes. It is also great to attache the 21mm wide converter to capture a wider viewing angle. It is extremely reliable when I travel both in Japan and overseas such as Mongolia, Greek, Hong Kong as well as Cambodia, which I have continuously visited for more than 20 years. Even in situations where I can't carry an SLR, I can walk empty-handed freely with my GR attached to the waist belt and shoot instantly with it. Because it's the closest camera to my heart and body, the expressions are connected directly to the five senses, which makes me feel great.

Kazuhiro Shiozawa
Born in Tokyo in 1969. Worked actively as a freelance wedding photographer since 1995 while studying at Keio University Graduate School. During the two years from 2005, when he was a visiting scholar at Stanford Law School,many photographs of Steve Jobs from Apple, including his iPhone presentation, were published in magazines, book covers and articles in Japan, Korea and the United States. In addition to his popular photography workshops and copyright courses held upon request from various parties, Shiozawa’s DVD “Asu no kyoshitsu (Classroom for Tomorrow) No. 21: Kazuhiro Shiozawa Shashin o kakushin shiyo (Understand and Update Your Photos) !!” released in 2011 has been well received. Professor in Faculty of Law at Seikei University, lecturer at Graduate School of Policy Studies, Tama Art University, and Keio University.

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