3rd Call for GR official Header Photos! (Machuko@)

2020.05.27 BLOG

Hello! It’s Machuko@- the admin.
We now call for GR official’s header photos for the first time in about a year!
(I said the same thing last time as well. We really should do this more frequently)

This is going to be the third time. Every time, we are happily surprised by unexpected images. We really enjoy selecting!

We understand many of you are not yet allowed to travel far. You can photograph anywhere- your room, neighborhood, indoor, outdoor, it doesn’t matter. It can be with a thing you like, with your pet, in your favorite bag, you name it. Please show off your “GR” in your own way (please be sure to check the terms and conditions of SNAPS before you shoot).

Please refer to our selections of the past two times and enter your original “View with GR"!

For those who are selected, we will present a GR ORIGINAL CAP (not for sale) from NEW ERA brand!

■ Theme: View with GR

-GR (camera body ※ has to be real) must appear somewhere in the picture

(both the camera itself and the hand-held camera are accepted. It is also accepted only a part of the camera is seen, but it has to be recognized as GR)

-Horizontal (landscape) 3:2 ratio, JPEG, image editing allowed

-Shooting camera does not have to be GR

-Any model of GR series accepted

■ How to apply: Post on Twitter or Instagram.

1. Follow our official social media GR account(s) for applying
(Twitter: @GR_RICOH_GLOBAL、Instagram: ricoh_gr_official

2. Post the image with hashtag #gr_top3 (multiple postings allowed)

※ Selectees will be notified through the DM of Twitter or Instagram. Private account is not eligible for selection. Please note that the selectee must reply within one week in order to confirm the selection.

■ Application period: May 27 - June 21, 2020

■ Notice of Selection: We will contact the selected photographers individually (3-5 images. The original image and the prize shipping address must be forwarded upon request).

■ Publication time: Will be published sequentially after July

■ Application rules: Refer to the terms and conditions of SNAPS on about page.

We are looking forward to your "View with GR"! !

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