【GRist】Vol.33 Koichi Akagi

2020.05.22 BLOG

The 33rd GRist is Koichi Akagi!

Besides being an artist, well-known photographer Mr. Akagi is active in a wide range of fields, from reviewing the latest cameras to commentary on rare used cameras. I’m grateful he joyfully reviewed the participants work on our GR trip Niigata.

He organizes a workshop with Mr. Tozawa, who we introduced last time, at Carotype Photoworks. Please check it out.

You can see his photos on TOP page or on GRist page.

Please check his article on our previous GR BLOG as well.

About GR
The GR series has been my favorite since the film GR1. I still use the limited Leica mount single lenses GR 21mm F3.5 and GR 28mm F2.8 frequently. The GRs in all eras never cease to amaze me. Although it is a compact camera to always carry with, when I take it as a sub camera for shooting assignments, it sometimes ends up beating the main camera, which is rare among many compact cameras.

Koichi Akagi
Born in Tokyo. In editorial, Akagi shoots documentary and reportage. In PR magazines and commercials, he shoots portraits. He is involved in many camera/photography magazines and web magazines, and writes from how-tos to mechanism and tech reviews of new cameras and lenses. He also reviews photo books and exhibitions, teaches photography in workshops. His cameras range from used 70 year old Leicas to the latest digital cameras. Regular articles include “Gin-en kamera hotoki (Analog Camera Prodigy)” in Asahi Camera (Asahi Shimbun Publishing). His books include “Teiban kamera no meihin renzu (Legend lenses for classic cameras)” (Shogakukan) “Gin-en kamera o tsukai nasai (Use analog cameras)!” (Heibonsha) “Zumu renzu wa sutenasai (Discard zoom lenses)!” (Genkosha) and the latest “Akagi shashinki shinryosho (Akagi Camera Clinic) MarkII” (Genkosha).

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