New Years Greetings

2020.01.01 BLOG

Happy new year!
I always thought it was so ahead of time but it’s already 2020.

This year in Japan, in Tokyo, there should be a lot of exciting, thrilling things happening!

On GR official, too, we are going to make more events and contents that we can enjoy together with you this year. We want to try some new things and hear you say like "oh!", “way to go!”, “great job!” Please do look forward to it.

I wish you a wonderful year. May the GR and photography with you.

Here are new year's greetings from the writers.
We will hear a lot of [Start!] in Japan this year. I’m starting from the point where the streets start in Japan.

● Emi
It will be lovely if I continue to capture many beautiful moments with my GR III.

● Minew
I always want to be open-minded and be excited about new discoveries.

● Yuka
Hope to find something special & somehing fun through GR lll in 2020!

I didn’t move by the stormy waves behind me and silently decided to commit myself to something (but I have to decide what to commit to).

I hope to be connected with many GR friends this year too!

● Ninzaburo
I want to participate in a GR Trip this year! Please enter.

I’m Asakuwa. I’m officially a writer in the new year. I would like to enjoy everyday with you and the GR.

● Robert
A photo exhibition of mine is scheduled in April and painting exhibition in June. It's going to be an exciting year for me.

● Apprentice
There will be many events in 2020. I will keep taking many pictures with the GR III.

● Machuko@
I want to go to various places to take photos this year, cherishing the networks and ideas that the GR has given me! Hope to go abroad again!

Thank you again this year!

(GR official all staff)

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