【GRist】Vol.26 Jedsada In-Ek (Mr. JAD)

2019.10.24 BLOG

The 26th GRist is Jedsada In-Ek (Mr. JAD) !
The photos can be viewed on GRist page.

Jedsada In-Ek (Mr. JAD)
Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr.Jedsada In-Ek is a member of Street Photo Thailand Collective. He started shooting street photography in 2014 because of the passion from the "365 days project in 2014" group of Street Photo Thailand. As a starting point for him to spend his free time every day of his life. He has never studied about street photo before. He put all of his effort until he found out that street photography can do everyday and everywhere. He strongly believes that creativity and ideas are the key to success.

• Finalist APF magazine street photography group Theme “Minimalism” There were as many as 3,872 images submitted. The images of Mr.Jedsada were 3 images that were finalists.
• Finalist EyeEm Street photo 2017
• Has been accepted one in 100 of the Great Street Photographers of 2017 by David Gibson.

About GR
What the Ricoh GR III impressed me is the compact size but comfortable. Also, the one-handed operation is very convenience for me to control camera setup in a second. As well as the file quality and uniqueness of color profile are incredible. That’s why I am passionate with my little Ricoh GR III and I can take him to everywhere.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JADstreetphotography/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jad_jadsada/

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