【GRist】Vol.25 Nao Tsuda

2019.09.26 BLOG

★ SPECIAL ★ 4 photos selected from Nao Tsuda “Light of Summer Solstice” are featured in the GRist section.

The photos can be viewed on GRist page.
Click here for more pictures.

Nao Tsuda

Photographer. Born in Kobe in 1976. Traveling around the world, Tsuda continues to interprets the relationship between human and nature that has continued since ancient times through the viewfinder. He looks at the invisible time to find out the world that the ancient layers of culture suggest us. He has actively exhibited his photographs since 2001. In 2010, he won the New Artist Award for Fine Arts. Visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts.
His main works include “Kogi” (Shusui Shobo), “SMOKE LINE”, “Storm Last Night" (Akaakasha), “SAMELAND” (limArt), “Elnias Forest” (handpicked).


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【SPECIAL】 Nao Tsuda “Light of Summer Solstice”

2019.09.26 | BLOG


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