GR III Review- Photographing Fresh Green on Plateau (Minew)

2019.09.24 BLOG

Hello, it’s Minew.
It’s been a hot summer, isn’t it?

At the end of May, I went to Kiyosato Plateau- located at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains- and enjoyed the fresh air in the forest. I went there with my GR III in my pocket and took a lot of photos. Here are some of them.

A view from the Yatsugatake Kogen Ohashi Bridge overlooking the valley and the Yatsugatake in the distance. Overwhelming magnificence. The entire forest was filled with gentle green that had been newly sprouted.

GR III, P mode, ISO200, 1/800sec, F3.5, EV+0.3, WB: Auto

There was a trekking course along the river flowing through the bottom of the valley. I spent the half day to complete it. There were some pretty steep slopes that might lead you to falling without both hands. Thanks to the compact and light equipment, I was able to move swiftly.

GR III, P mode, ISO200, 1/1000sec, F4.0, EV+0.3, WB: Auto

Looking up, I saw the young leaves shining brightly on branches. I took a break here and enjoyed seeing them for a while.

GR III, P mode, ISO200, 1/400sec, F8.0, EV + 0.3, WB: Auto, Crop 35mm, Edited (Level correction)

The water was clear and very refreshing. A cool breeze blew along the valley.

GR III, P mode, ISO200, 1/800sec, F3.5, EV-0.3, WB: Auto

GR III, P mode, ISO200, 1/800sec, F3.5, EV-0.7, WB: Auto

When you find something, you can take the GR out of your pocket and photograph it with one hand. That way, you don’t have to keep your companion waiting so much. I love this mobility.

GR III, P mode, ISO200, 1/500sec, F2.8, EV-1.3, WB: Auto, Crop 35mm

GR III, P mode, ISO400, 1/400sec, F5.0, EV + 0.3, WB: Auto, crop 35mm, macro mode, retouch (level correction)

* * * * * * *

Since there were so many things that impressed me, I took so many pictures: 520 shots on the first day and 506 on the second day. The catalog says “Battery Life | Number of recordable images: Approx. 200 images (Link)”, so I was worried how long the battery would last, but on both days, it was able to shoot until the end of the day starting from full charge in the morning (please note it depends on your shooting style).

My shooting settings were as follows.
・Image size: JPEG, S
・Image control: Standard
・Take 3 photos simultaneously with AE bracket
・Power on, power off immediately after shooting

If you plan to shoot a large number of photos on a trip or event, you might want to have a spare battery or a mobile battery (Link).

* * * * * * *

Trekking was tiring, but it was totally refreshing to be on the plateau. I want to go there in other seasons too.

See you soon!


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