Own a Camera that Excites You (Robert)

2019.06.07 BLOG

If you want to get a new camera, buy a camera that excites you.

Rational comparison doesn’t lead you to a fun place. The number of sensor pixels and the razor sharpness of lens may justify your expense but may not satisfy your artistic sense. A camera that excites you, whether or not it is mechanically superior to or more convenient than some other machines, can make you smile.

As I said in the last article, the GR III has always been with me. it is not a Swiss army knife. To me, it does not matter at all- or rather I enjoy it because limitation helps creativity. It forces you to think how you apply it to different situations.

I’m a painter too and when I paint I use only 3 to 8 colors. I mix them and create your own colors. I never have felt the need for owning, for example, a 32 color tube set of watercolor because I know I don’t need them.

If the GR does excite you, get one. And go out and keep photographing with it without using any other camera. Speak with it. After a week or so, it will speak back to you.


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