GR III Review- Default Image Quality (ARA)

2019.05.03 BLOG

At CP+ and GR LIVE! in Osaka, we displayed the New GR.
Shipping has begun in many parts of the world.

Not only ARA- in charge of planning the product- but the other writers are also a little ahead of you and using the GR III already.
Each writer will tell you about what they think are the characteristics of the GR III and how to make the best out of it in their future posts.

In this first article, I would like to talk about the image quality of the default settings.
In all the following images, the camera was set to Program AE (program shift used partly) and the default "Standard" image control.

Program AE, 1/200 F3.5 ISO 200
It depicts the freshness of juicy apples. Natural and true to the subject color reproduction is the same as other GRs.

Program AE, 1/125 F2.8 ISO 100
The GR lens draws straight bamboos straight. Note the grid pattern of the background tiles.

Depiction of the newly designed lens is very natural.
When we talk about lens performance, we often use the expression "clarity". The GR III definitely has that feature.
We have optically redesigned the lens from scratch. While keeping distortion and chromatic aberration extremely low like the previous GR series, we have reduced the number of components. Clarity is the result.

I will try tougher situations like strong backlight later.

Program AE, 1/50 F2.8 ISO 200, exposure compensation +1.3, 50mm crop.
Shooting in the macro range, compensated drastically plus. The front bokeh is beautiful too.

Program AE, 1/125 F2.8 ISO 200
In order to focus on the reflection of the window, the Snap focus was set to 5m.

The staff in charge of image quality has designed it to best match the newly designed lens and the new sensor.
It is not too sharp or edgy. Very delicate and elegant.
When you get a GR III, try the jpeg images in the default mode first.

Program AE, 1/250 F 4.0 ISO 200
Early cherry blossoms blooming along the Tama River bank. Can’t wait for spring.

In the GR III, we have changed all at once the three major factors that determine the image quality of a camera- the lens, sensor, and image processing engine.
Well, that made the project very complicated. To be honest, we could have been able to release it earlier if we didn’t.

But the image quality is the lifeline of GR.
There is no compromise even though it's a tiny camera.
The best GR we can think of.


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