Announcing GR SNAPS Vol.5 Selections!

2019.02.26 BLOG

Announcing GR SNAPS Vol.5 Selections!

Color ... anything could match the theme and it seems rather easy. But think twice. It’s a deep and broad theme.
Colors are not absolute. They look different depending on the environment or your state of the mind. That makes them interesting.

We have selected photos with colors that touched our hearts. Some had a screen full of vivid colors and others had one tiny color spot in the middle of mono tone.

Thank you for many posts this time again!

Here are the five works we have selected.

1. seafieldstreet
It was decided unanimously. It has unique colors, subject, composition, high level of production!

2. chankatsu_81
Colorful and warm. The front bokeh highlights the sense of depth.

3. lio8408
The lights in the back seem to symbolize a conversation between the two. Was it intended? Excellent.

4. nameco518
Soft color, soft texture- your precious memory may be stored in an image like this.

5. ron_scibilia
An ambitious piece with various components. Several different pictures can be made out of it.

We appreciate your posts.
Continue posting your photos with "#grsnaps" even outside GR SNAPS entry period.
We regram your excellent photos daily on RICOH GR Official Instagram account!

And at last, CP+ 2019 will start the day after tomorrow (February 28).

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