Official Announcement, You Can Try It at CP+! (NOGUCHI)

2019.02.22 BLOG

Today, we officially announced the RICOH GR III.
Since we already shared detailed specifications at the development announcement, there is not anything so new.
But there are some features, options, shipping date etc. to be announced. Please check them.



Well, we are sorry we are slow. Our development team is working hard. A little more to go!

GR official writers are starting to use it, too. They will share their thoughts from their points of view.
Look forward to it.

~ Information ~
We are preparing for CP+ 2019, which will start on February 28, in order for as many people as possible to try it. We will be waiting for you in Yokohama!

On the first day February 28, GR trip Yokohama's public review will be on Onaeba Stage (annex venue).
Don’t miss this opportunity where a photographer teacher from photography school will review in front of everyone. Who do you think is the photographer (secret)?

In addition, you can try it at “GR LIVE! in OSAKA” (japanese text only) which we announced earlier. If you live in Kansai area, please come over there as well. We are currently accepting applications.

I am a bit nervous but very excited to hear your voice.


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