【GRist】 Vol.13 Cozue Takagi

2019.01.08 BLOG

First GRist in 2019 Cozue Takagi- Artist from Nagano to the World.

View her photos GRist corner.

It was 7 years ago we had an interview with her.
Here is the interview article in the previous BLOG.

Cozue Takagi is an artist based in Nakano, Nagano Prefecture. Among other activities, she will have an exhibition in Tokyo (TARO NASU) this year. Keep your eye on her.

Cozue Takagi「Prelude」,TARO NASU, Tokyo, JP
2019.01.11 - 2019.02.09

Cozue Takagi

1985 Born in Nagano Prefecture
2007 Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University majoring Photography
2015-2016 Stayed in the US as a foreign trainee of the public interest for Pola Art Foundation
2016 Currently Lives in Nagano Prefecture

When I was making a series called MID, I would often go out for a walk at night with my GR. On a dark country road, I go lightly with a small flashlight in my left hand and the GR in the right. I can not see clearly around me. The flashlight disappears into the darkness a few meters away. When I find a place I want to photograph, I stretch my right hand in the dark and release the shutter. The whole area is illuminated and the sound of wining film echoes afterwards. At that time, the GR was almost a part of my body- a high-performance eye extended from my right hand. I don’t walk at night anymore but my GR still is a trusty companion.


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