【GRist】Vol.11 Osamu Kanemura

2018.11.22 BLOG

GRist in November Osamu Kanemura.

View his photos GRist corner.

In GR meet Tokyo, Mr. Kanemura had a talk while projecting a video with lively vibes he had taken with the GR.

He is now holding an exhibition "Suck Social Stomach" at Tokyo Ginza IG Photo Gallery.
4000 pictures taken with the GR are exhibited. Those who live near, please visit!

At HIJU GALLERY (Osaka), a solo exhibition "Marshmallow Brain Wash / Killing Agent" is also currently held.
The photographs you see here have been selected from the exhibit.

We had an interview with him in our previous BLOG.

He is more actively producing than ever. Please take a look at a fragment of Kanemura's world!

■ Profile
Osamu Kanemura / Photographer

Born in Tokyo in 1964.
1992 Invited to the Rotterdam Photo Festival (Netherlands) while studying at Tokyo College of Photography
1996 Selected as one of six photographers for “New Photography 12" at MoMA
2000 TV program feature "Top Runner" (NHK)
2001 TV program feature "Jonetsu Tairiku" (Mainichi Broadcasting)

1997 Japan Photographers Association Newcomer Award, 13th Higashikawa-cho International Photography Festival New Artist Award
2000 19th Ken Domon Prize
2014 39th Nobuo Ina Award

Publications include photo books "Spider's Strategy" "Concrete Octopus" and books "Zenshin Kairaku Shashinka", "Chohatsu Suru Shashin Shi".

2016 Starts producing motion pictures with GR.
2018 4000 works taken with GR exhibited at IG Photo Gallery (Tokyo)

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