Take insects in the summer! (Minew)

2018.10.10 BLOG

Hello there!
How are you in the middle of the summer?

The main subjects in spring are flowers, “insects” in summer.
Let me show you some tips for shooting insects and photos of insects in summer.

GR II, July 2018, Dragonfly

A dragonfly with the blue sky as the background. This is so summerlike.
When the sky is the background, the exposure tends to be dark with the sky’s brightness, increase the exposure (+ 1.3 EV in this photo) and the main subjet will look good.

When shooting a insect, it is important it doesn’t run away first of all.
When you find it, quickly turn on and set the camera and point the lens at it.
The GR is fast to start up and it’s easy to press the macro button.
I tap it twice "macro" and "35 mm crop (assigned to Fn 2)" and take several photos at a distance of about 15 cm first.

GR II, August 2015, Damselfly

The GR can shoot at the shortest 10 cm, but since the AF can be difficult, around 15 cm is my standard distance.

If the subject does not escape, gear yourself into a serious mode and try bigger pictures.
Again, speed is important.
I call a setting in “My Setting” that I have previously registered- "Manual Focus / Shortest 10 cm", "47 mm Crop", "Focus Assist Setting MODE 2", "Aspect Ratio 1: 1 (Square)", "AE Bracket", and then focus, frame, and take as many photos as I can while looking at the screen.

GR II, July 2018, Attelabidae

Don’t get too close. It may attack you. Distance is important.
It hurts when a mantis gets you.

GR II, August 2016, Mantis

The beetle looks greater when close.

GR II, July 2018, Beetle

One night, I found a cicada molting.
The large brown cicada was so white when it was just molted.
With the white LED light, I photographed this mysterious figure.

GR II, August 2018, Large Brown Cicada Molting

It’s fun to take photos of insects!
Take your kids outside and find insects with them during the summer (but be careful of heat stroke).

See you again!


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