【GRist】Vol.65 Sha 廖文瑄(Wen Hsuan, Liao)

2024.05.07 BLOG

The 65th GRist is Sha 廖文瑄(Wen Hsuan, Liao) from Taiwan!

The following events are scheduled to take place in Taiwan, where Sha will be making an appearance! For those of you in Taiwan, please join her!

Events related to GR and Sha in Taiwan:

GR Women Taiwan Photo Exhibition
Period: 5/16(Thu)-6/25(Tue)
Syntrend RICOH Gallery
Syntrend Mall 3F
3F, No. 2, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100013

GR Women Event
Venue: Date: May 25 (Sat)
Venue: Syntrend Mall 11F


For me, photography is not only an eye to perceive the world, but also a mirror to reflect myself. The GR has always been my faithful companion through various stages of my creative life, it is like my talisman and an extension of my life. Whether I am on my way to work or out for a walk with my daughter, I always have my GR on my chest or in my hand to capture the unexpected encounters along the way.

My photographic journey began as a search for connections. I like to find all kinds of emotions in the city and capture these heart-touching moments with my camera. These images allow me to feel the subtle connections between people, objects and nature.

Gradually, I have realized that I have been detached from the world, always observing rather than participating. I want to explore my own mind, I want to know what the world means to me, I began to search for my inner voice and try to express my inner feelings, including joy, anger, sadness, and even my hope and despair through my photography.

I collect everything in my life- affection, joy, longing, doubt, pain- to put them into my work. I thank GR for accompanying me on this journey, I can use it with the purest heart and feel life without distractions.

Win Hsuan, Liao (廖文瑄, Liao), also known as "Sha", is a photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan. After graduating from the National Taiwan University of Arts, she began her creative career with street photography. After the birth of her daughter, she began to create work with deeper connections to her own life, and her work has become richer in dimension and more diverse. In recent years, Sha has won numerous awards in the professional categories of international photography competitions, including IPA Silver, TIFA Silver, BIFA Silver and Bronze, APA Silver, and PX3 Bronze. As of 2023, she has received more than one hundred photography awards. Many of these works were taken with GR cameras. Sha is also the editor of Ricoh GR Women, Women in Street Taiwan, and Street Photography Taiwan, and is dedicated to sharing the various aspects of photography in the community and encouraging photographers to appreciate each other's work.



對我而言,攝影不僅是感知世界的眼睛,也是反思自我的鏡子。在不同的創作時期,GR 一直是我的忠實夥伴,它就像是我的護身符,也是我生命的延伸。無論是在外出工作的途中,還是與女兒漫步的時刻,我都會將 GR 掛在胸前或拿在手上,拍下沿途的不期而遇。
廖文瑄(Wen Hsuan, Liao),又名 ”Sha”,來自台灣台北的攝影家。
近年來,Sha 在國際攝影大賽的職業組別中得到為數不少的獎項,其中包含 IPA 銀獎、TIFA 銀獎、BIFA 銀獎與銅獎、APA 銀獎、PX3 銅獎等。至2023年,已累積超過一百個攝影獎項。而在這些作品中,有許多都是透過GR相機來創作的。
Sha 同時也是 Ricoh GR Women、Women in Street Taiwan、街拍台灣 的編輯,致力於在社群上分享攝影的各種面貌,並鼓勵攝影人相互觀摩欣賞彼此的作品。

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